About Us


We have 10 Years of Experience in Managing IT Solution

Data Host IT is an organization where performance matters. We always believe in quality and customer satisfaction. We are a strong team of software developers who are serving both local and international clients.

Whatever your business may be whether you run a creative agency, a digital studio.

About DataHost IT

Datahost IT specializes in mobile and web-based applications development such as Web-based Apps, Android Apps, and iOS Apps Design and Development including masking, non-masking SMS, Call Blasting, Push & Pull sphere along with top class security systems. We have huge experience in developing Web projects & mobile apps of any type from simple to vast feature reached applications.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop quality software that streamlines business process and add value for our clients. We strive to exceed clients' expectations by delivering the best Web solutions that transform data into knowledge enabling them to achieve their goals.


Our vision is to be a leading software development company in web and mobile-based application development. Our vision is to be a leader in our sector. We know that technology is changing and so are the customer preferences. We commit our customers to deliver the best-in-class software solutions that meet their requirements. We want to be a reliable technology solutions provider by the innovative and latest technology use.

Our Team

We are an innovative team of software evangelists.

Founder & CEO

Firoj Mahmud |Chief Executive Officer

Firoj Mahmud is the Founder and CEO of DataHost IT. He oversees the Datahost’s day-to-day operations, as well as leads the company’s product & service development and technology strategy. He is a technology visionary and has been recognized as one of the pioneer entrepreneurs in the Bangladesh software industry.

He has been successfully leading a promising team to the DataHost IT team and contributing to the field of Information Technology. His business specializes in providing domain and hosting services, website design, and development, e-commerce website, POS software, e-token software, hospital ERP, school management software, etc.

Mr. Firoj was elected as the President of SISPAB –( SMS & Information Service Providers Association of Bangladesh ) for the year 2020-2021 with the vision of providing smooth and fast SMS service . His vision is to empower the people of Bangladesh with digital technologies.


We have Over a Decade of long experience in quality software development.

Data Host IT believes in performance matters. We always work hard to ensure the best quality and customer satisfaction. We are a strong team of software developers who are serving both local and international clients.

We provide mobile and web-based application development that amaze our clients.

.We excel in delivering top-quality IT solutions.

Our Specialization

Develop IT Management Software

Our service offerings enhance the customer experience through secure & highly functional end-to-end IT management software.

Software Services

Develop and propose the latest software services. We ensure accurate planning, modeling, development, proper testing, and & deployment of our developed software.

Quality Assurance

We ensure that our developed software is passed by the quality assurance testing. We thoroughly test our software at each stage of development from requirements analysis to final deployment at the user's premises.

Use of Latest Web Technology

At Datahost IT, we have a holistic and integrated approach toward core business processes to a digital transformation. Our developed solutions bring disruptive changes to the overall work process for many industries including, e-Commerce, school management, hospital management, the manufacturing industry, and Digital Document management systems.

Professional Staffs

Our staffs are highly professional to provide services to our clients. We train our staff in the best practices of customer service as our customers remain happy and satisfied by getting our services.

Our Approach to Software Development


We tailor our services to individual and unique requirements ensuring that our solutions deliver the maximum possible business value for our clients. 


We strive continually to be the very best at what we do and continually invest in our people and processes to drive innovation at all process levels.


Our team assure the highest ethical standards of quality, integrity, and transparency on our developed software.


We nurture talents. We always ensure that we have the brightest minds and strongest work ethic.

Our Strength

  • Bulk SMS services – Both Masking and Non-Masking SMS
  • E-Commerce Software
  • E-Token software for Foreign Embassy and Consulate Office visa processing
  • ERP software development
  • Web-based software development
  • Mobile apps development --- Android and iOS apps development
  • End-to-End Custom Software Development
  • POS –Point of Sale software for billing and online payments
  • Cloud-based software development
  • School/College/University Management Software
  • Website design and development.